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Quickly schedule translator medical, legal, and translation appointments.  Add new customers, destinations, and tasks (type of appointment) “on the fly”.   Filter and find appointments by date, type of appointment, customer, origin, destination, task, interpreter, and language.  Track confirmed, refused, and cancelled appointments.

Add “reminder” notes to flag and filter appointments with special requirements.

Create separate rates for billing and payroll. Flat rate, hourly rate, tolls and parking, mileage, and driving time buckets are available.    

Schedules and Reports

Create daily schedules and appointment logs, by customer and/or location.   Create Activity reports by interpreter, task, language, destination, state and customer.

Accounts Receivable

Generate new invoices or reprint previously printed invoices based on billing input on Appointment screen for each of your customers.

Payments function allows you to view open invoices and post payments for each outstanding appointment.   Payment history report lets you view payments received for each of your customers.


View open payroll for each of your interpreters.   Breakdown of all pay due displayed based on payroll setup for each appointment (flat, hourly, mileage, tolls and parking, and drive time).  Post check number, check date, and amount paid. Automatically updates appointment payroll section.