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New Outlook® style trip screen allows you to quickly find, filter and edit your general and detail trip information - all on one screen!

Filter by trip type, status, origin, destination, event, customer, or contractor. Input multiple vehicle trips, and designate trip detail as cancelled, confirmed, unconfirmed, and refused.

New trip history option allows you to view an audit trail of changes made to a trip for each user.  

Enter trip reminders and mark the trip to allow you to access these trips instantly.

Track Bid Amount and Budget amount for each trip.

Automically calculates trip cost, by vehicle or driver, and cost per mile. Print or email trip slips with directions for each driver.

Create daily schedules and trip logs for each school or customer, or combine on a single report. Email trip slips, schedules, trip logs, and changes to drivers, contractors, schools, and customers. Create invoices to bill departments, other schools or customers. Over 50+ expenditure reports to choose from. Create monthly summary reports, itemized breakdown reports, or robust detail reports. Report by school, by destination, by event, by driver, by contractor, and by vehicle.

Optional Modules

Select any information from Trips Aide™. Create complex or simple conditions to filter the information that you want to see. Select which information to print or save, how to sort it, how to group it, and how to total it. Create EXCEL® spreadsheets, ASCII delimited text files, or create a customized report.

Select candidates for each trip based on seniority and last trip taken, dollars earned, hours, or rotation. Prints driver sign up sheet. Automatically updates trip status after driver has been selected. Take the hassle out of assigning trips.

Let Trip Aide do your Route Billing for you. Simply enter Route codes, per day charges, per mile charges and who to bill it to. Totals and prints professional invoices for each customer.

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